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PNOY eats a hotdog and a coke for lunch in US visit

President Noynoy Aquino enjoyed a $2 hotdog and
a bottle of Coke in a food cart at the corner of 6th Avenue
and West 45th street near the Hotel Sofitel New York City
where they stay. PNOY treated those who accompanied him
to a sandwich and a drink each.Their total bill is $54.

President Aquino said the hotdog and Coke was his lunch, not much different from the soup and sandwich he usually has when working. His staff disclosed the President also managed to walk around Manhattan without his coat and tie to buy music CDs and books in the establishments near his hotel. The President said his security detail coordinated with the US Secret Service so he could move around a bit casually during the little free time he was given. He said one of those escorting him now from the US Secret Service was also a security detail when his mother, former President Corazon Aquino, visited this country.

Mr. Aquino joked that the difference between hotdogs in the Philippines and the US was that the American version did not have food coloring. Passersby looked curiously at the commotion in front of the hotdog stand since the President was followed by members of the media.

“I should be out of here in a little while. But it’s actually one of the things you look forward to when you come to New York. Part of the things that we did when we’re here, especially during the martial law years, we used to do this all the time. But now you can only do this by asking favors from the security detail to allow it,” the President said.

The President said he wanted his hotdog with onions but settled for catsup because he did not like the sauce that went with the onions. He said the last time he had this hotdog was 11 years ago, the last time he traveled. If he gets the chance, he said he would like to try the pizza in Boston, where his family lived in exile from 1980 to 1983.

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