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Jose Mari Chan - The Singer and Songwriter

Jose Mari Chan

Jose Mari Chan is a renowned Filipino Chinese singer-songwriter and a highly successful businessman in the sugar industry. He was born in Iloilo City on March 11, 1945. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1967. Awarded the TOYM in 1974 as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines. Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry and The Metro Pop Foundation. Recipient of the first ever ABS-CBN "ELITE Platinum Award" in 2005 Recipient of the 2006 Dr. Jose P Rizal Award For Excellence.

He first appeared on the local scene as the Host & Singer of a Television show called "9 Teeners" of ABS-CBN in 1966. His first single Afterglow was released in 1967 and became popular in the Philippines even though foreign songs dominated the airlanes. His first long playing album "Deep in My Heart" was issued in 1969. In 1973 he represented the Philippines in the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo with his song "Can We Just Stop and Talk A While". From 1970 to 1975, he composed more than 20 theme songs for movies, some of which earned for him several nominations at the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award. He also wrote several well-loved commercial jingles among which is the Philippine Air Lines "Love at Thirty Thousand Feet" and the ALASKA Milk jingle. Between 1974 and 1975 he was the Star of a series of Television Network Specials spotlighting his words and music. In 1975 he moved to the United States for his sugar business and remained there for 11 years. Coming back in 1986, UNIVERSAL Records released a compilation of his hits along with a brand new composition "Tell Me Your Name" which re-introduced him to a younger audience. In 1989, his album "Constant Change" not only was named Album of the Year by the Awit Awards,the local equivalent of the American Grammy Awards, but it also achieved unprecedented status for having reached the Diamond Record in terms of sales, or 10 TIMES Platinum. It also sold in other Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Its carrier single "Beautiful Girl" was a regional hit and covered by Asian stars like Aaron Kwok. Other artists in the region that recorded his songs were Paula Tsui (HongKong) Sally Yee (HongKong) Tomomi Akimoto (Japan) Sandy Lam(HongKong) Kamahl (Australia)and Yasuo T. (Japan). In 1990 his Christmas album "Christmas In Our Hearts" was released. It reached triple platinum status that same year, eventually becoming the unprecedented holder of the Double Diamond Record Award equivalent to 20 TIMES Platinum. His 2003 album "A Heart's Journey" won ALBUM OF THE YEAR in the AWIT AWARDS. In 2005 he was commissioned to write "We're All Just One", the theme song of the 2005 Southeast Asian Games. As a concert performer he has performed at the New York's Carnegie Hall, the Bellagio in Las Vegas, The Show Boat Casino in Atlantic City, The Silver Legacy in Reno, Nevada, Washington D.C., Rhode Island, Cherry Hill New Jersey, Chicago, Virginia, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles, Guam, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Zurich, Vienna, Paris, Oslo, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bandung, HongKong, and Jakarta.

He is currently Chairman and CEO of BISCOM Inc. and A.Chan Sugar Corp. and is one of the leaders in the Philippine sugar industry.

Personal life

He is married to Mary Ann Ansaldo and has five children, Jose Antonio (JOJO), Elizabeth Ann (LIZA), Michael Philip Ciprian, Francisco Rafael (Franco) and Marie Angelica.

His Albums

  • Deep In My Heart (1969)
  • Can We Just Stop and Talk A While (1973)
  • Afterthoughts (1974)
  • Here and Now (1975)
  • A Golden Collection (1985)
  • Constant Change (1989) - Diamond Record Awardee
  • Christmas in Our Hearts (1990) - Double Diamond Record Awardee
  • Thank You Love (1995)
  • Souvenirs (1998)
  • A Heart's Journey (2002)
  • Strictly Commercial (a compilation of his commercial jingles)
  • Love Letters and Other Souvenirs (2008)

His Greatest Hit Songs

  • Beautiful Girl
  • Can We Just Stop and Talk Awhile
  • Christmas In Our Hearts
  • A Perfect Christmas
  • Please Be Careful with My Heart
  • Can't We Start Over Again
  • Constant Change
  • Is She Thinking About Me ?
  • If We Only Had More Time Together
  • Easier Said Than Done
  • Love At Thirty Thousand Feet
  • My Girl, My Woman, My Friend
  • Perhaps Love
  • So I'll Go
  • Here and Now
  • Afraid for Love to Fade
  • Counterpoint to Lennon & McCartney's "Here, There & Everywhere"
  • Big Beautiful Country
  • Refrain
  • Tell Me Your Name
  • Good Old Fashioned Romance
  • A Love to Last a Lifetime
  • Afterglow
  • Deep In My Heart
  • Leave You
  • High and Mighty
  • Night Time
  • Mr. Songwriter
  • Sing Me Your Song Again, Daddy
  • No Rewind, No Replay
  • The Sound of Life

His Piano Books

  • Words & Music JOSE MARI CHAN Volume 1
  • Words & Music JOSE MARI CHAN Volume 2

Collaborations with the Recording Industries

  • PRESENCE (Universal Records 2002)
  • Gold Ito! (Dyna Music, 1988)
  • Ginintuang Diwa ng Pasko (Universal Records, 1989)
  • Maayong Pasko (Universal Records, 1990)
  • Only Selfless Love 2 (Universal Records, 2003)
  • Something More (Jesuit Communications, 2004)
  • Best of OPM Love Songs (Universal Records, 2005)
  • Best of OPM Acoustic Hits (Universal Records, 2005)
  • OPM Gold Christmas (Universal Records, 2006)
  • OPM Superstars Christmas (Universal Records, 2006)
  • Sail On...His Most Holy Face (Universal Records, 2006)
  • OPM Platinum Christmas (Universal Records, 2007)
  • HOPE... Healing Of Pain and Enlightenment (Star Records, 2007)
  • No. 1 Signature Hits OPM's Best (Vicor Music Corp., 2008)
  • Senti 18 Pinoy Love Hits (Vicor Music Corp., 2008)
  • Bongga! (The Biggest Retro OPM Hits) (Universal Records, 2008)
  • Bongga 2 (The Biggest Retro OPM Hits) (Universal Records, 2009)

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